Architecture for Dogs

CNC report from LOS ANGELES
Added On July 4, 2013

And we have a fun story on very different kind of architecture, this one for man's best friend. An exhibition in California is displaying some innovative concepts for habitats... for dogs.

This exhibition at the Long Beach Museum of Art was a collaboration between world-renowned architects and designers who examined the relationships between dogs and humans to design and build habitats for man's best friend.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) RONALD NELSON, Long Beach Museum of Art Director:
"It was going out, find these incredible architects that's around the world and letting them be creative and let them go, so each of these pieces was for specific breed of dog."

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) SYVIAN ROBINSON, Directors of collection and exhibitions:
"It was a perfect chance to talk about how artist, architects, designers incorporate creative thoughts in a functional way and it just seems like the perfect way to do for this museum."

Dogs are people's partners. We live beside with. They're not only animals, but also good companions. For some people, dogs are even like their children, they want to give their dogs the best possible quality of life.

The exhibition "Architecture for dogs" has 13 pieces of architecture for different breeds of dogs. For example, the "wanmock" is a simple and strong design on which the owner can place their own clothes. When a dog sits, it's embraced by its owner's scent while having fun.

The "Bichon Frise" is a design that resembles the fur of the bichon. The piece so resembles the dog that when the dogs sit on it, it feels secure. There's also a small hole in the back through which the bichon can come and go.

SOUNDIBITE(ENGLISH) RONALD NELSON, Long Beach Museum of Art Director:
"The owner's T-shirt becomes this little hammock, and with that little hammock, dogs can jump in there, very comfortable, they have the scent of their owners, they feel wrapped, they feel love, they feel at home, and they can actually go inside also, I've just seen dogs do, and then pock their head out, looks like these big dogs. This is really quite hilarious."

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) SYVIAN ROBINSON, Director of collection and exhibitions:
"I think the whole notion of designing specifically for the dog instead of thinking just about the environment of the house, but to think in terms of what would dogs enjoy doing, how dogs see the world, so rather than always being down on the floor looking up, this time the dogs are actually more involve with their environment."

In addition to dog houses, the exhibition also has dog clothes and dog strollers. Although the structures are mainly for small size breeds, designs for larger size dogs will be presented to the public soon.