22nd anime expo concludes

CNC reporting from Los Angeles
Added On July 9, 2013

The Los Angeles Anime Expo ended Sunday with the biggest attendance in its 22-year history. Thousands of anime and manga fans, cosplayers and other characters turned out on the final day to enjoy their hobby with like-minded people.

In its four-day run, the LA Anime Expo drew more than 49,000 unique visitors and a turnstile attendance of over 130,000. It's North America's largest anime convention, and thanks to fan support this year's expo was the most successful one to date.

“Now it’s really good, I’ve seen a lot of great people out here, not only just in cosplays but actually got to see a lot of voice actors, producing the different stuff, video games, anime, and just seen a lot friends. I know a lot of people here so it’s really good to just run into them and also meet new people as well.”

The Expo hosted two fashion shows, presenting a combination of Japanese street fashion and anime style. Three designers and brands from Harajuku and Shibuya brought their latest designs to the runway, attracting both fans and stylists. A lot of their work is black, red and hot pink, colors that combine the bright exaggerated anime style with popular cute elements. With its new ideas and designs, the fashion show was well received by the Americans.

"I was very impressed and very happy. I think through this fashion show, Japanese fashion could spread a bit in the US."

The scale of the Anime Expo has grown dramatically since 1992. It's also the second longest-running anime convention. Historically the Anime Expo has been held around July 4th as a 4-day event to take advantage of the long weekend. Many new animations like “Attack on Titans” and “Wolf Children Ame and Yuki” attracted lots of passionate fans. Visitors also had the opportunity to participate in fashion shows, karaoke competitions and various panels.

“I love Anime Expo, I’ve been going to Anime Expo since 2000, so I’ve been cosplaying since 2001. I really enjoy it. I’m actually helping Crunchyroll to promote ‘Attack on Titans’ ”

By highlighting and encouraging Japanese animation, music, fashion and pop culture, the expo not only promotes cultural awareness on another side of the Pacific, but also provides a platform for fans to gather together to celebrate their enthusiasm.

“I love, I love dressing up and just been here with a fans, it’s a great experience. I’ve been going to various conventions and expos for like the past 8 years.”