LA museum to auction Kobe's stuff

CNC report from Los Angeles
Added On July 12, 2013

The NBA season just ended, but pro-basketball fans can get their fix, perhaps, in another way this summer.

A pair of Kobe Bryant's 2000 NBA championship rings and some other personal items are on display at Newport Sports Museum in Los Angeles. They're also for sale.

The items on display including Kobe 's 2000 NBA All-Star game ring, his 1996 Magic Roundball Classic All-Star medallion and ribbon, and two of his high school uniforms.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): JOHN.W HAMILTION, President of Newport Sports Museum
"Obviously, Kobe is a very famous player. Arguably he is certainly one of the best players even plays the game. Certainly one of the best players even played in Los Angeles. His equipment, his jerseys or things like that, that he has actually wore are very valuable."

According to Goldin Auctions, half of the proceeds of the auction will benefit the Bully Project, which is an anti-bullying campaign that seeks to foster a culture of empathy. Besides the six pieces on display, 14 other 14 signed personal items will also be auctioned off until July 19.

"This gives us an opportunity to bring it into the backyard of where Kobe plays and actually resides, he resides close to here as well. So we know that a lot of southern California fans would like to see these items. This is giving them the chance to do it."

The Newport Sports Museum is a privately owned, non-profit museum that has collected more than 10,000 items from national and international sports icons.