"Built to Amaze" circus show in LA

CNC report from Los Angeles
Added On July 14, 2013

Amazing animals, gorgeous acrobatics and fascinating stunts, a circus show is coming to town!

Hundreds of celebrities from entertainment industry came to participate the opening night of one the most biggest circus shows "Built to Amaze" at Staples Center in Los Angeles Thursday.

Celebrities were invited to an exclusive Animal Open House pre-show experience to get a close-up with the animal stars and other performances.

"Tonight's show is amazing, you will see ring master, clowns, dancers, elephants, 18 tigers. It's amazing, isn't it? All here at Staples Center, the capital of Hollywood, right here, baby."

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) ALANA FELD, Executive VP of "Built to amaze"
"It is literately built to amaze, through the entire show, we are building comedy, we are building thrills with all of our incredible performers."

After the long tour around the America, people in Los Angeles finally welcomed Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus, which had been toured around for more than a century.

As one of the biggest circus in the United States, this time Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus partnered with Habitat for humanity of Greater Los Angeles to provide not only a fun-filled and star-studded show, but also an insight of what it takes to construct the whole event.

"I think it's probably be the best way to experience it, because you know we got to little private thing backstage with the tigers, the puddles, the elephants and all, so that was really cool to see it up close personal."

"We thought it was amazing, you will just to be up close to not only incredible majestic animals, but the performers who are so talented, and just to be up that close to such a special experience that I love and my kids got to have that."

Many fabulous animal circus stars were introduced during the show include majestic Asian elephants, exotic tigers and high-flying pups.

Besides, clown tricks, air dunks and high wire-walking were also presented at the show.

The circus will stay in Los Angeles until July 16th.