Houston holds annual dog shows

CNC reporting from Houston
Added On July 19, 2013

One of the world's most prestigious dog shows is underway this week in Houston, Texas.

Some 35-hundred dogs representing 160 breeds are expected to be brought to the annual contest.

Competitions include breed judging, agility, frisbee events -- even dancing.

Show chairperson Tom Pincus, who has participated in the event since its inception in 1977, told CNC World that dog lovers can see the top breeds in this year's show, including China's Tibetan mastiff.

"We have a lot of top dogs in the country here this year. We have a lot of events that keep adding for children, with face painting and pictures, activities that they can do. One thing that we have added in the last two years is that we have an event called 'My Dog Can Do That.' One of our competition events is something called agility where dogs are racing over hurdles and going through tunnels. We set up a simplified version of that course and people can take their own dog through or with their pet. We have trainers that. And they can try that for themselves and see if they are interested."

Guests can also visit booths showcasing products for dogs and nonprofit organizations that rescue abandoned pets. It's even possible to adopt stray dogs.

The show is expected to draw over 40,000 visitors and runs through Sunday.