NBA: NET welcomes new stars

CNC report from New York
Added On July 20, 2013

The NBA team Brooklyn Net Thursday welcomed its new star players, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry, as well as their new coach Jason Kidd. 

At the press conference held Thursday, the all new Net players including Garnett and Pierce were excited to brace the new team.

Leaving the 2008-Champion the Boston Celtics, the two of the former "big three" are settling in the new city and view Brooklyn the best option.

"For me, one of the major reasons I decided to come here, was because the bones of this, I feel like, which you see up here, the bone that they already have in Brooklyn, Daron and all the piece they have here. I feel both sides have given us the best option to win a game, to win it all. I am bracing this opportunity; my family is bracing this opportunity. I am looking forward to it. I am looking forward to it."

Having spent 15 years in Boston, Paul Pierce was now sent to the Nets in this landmark deal of the association. Tough appearing a little bit sentimental talking to his former team; Pierce is ready to move on.

"I am no longer a Boston celtic, I am a Brooklyn net. That's what it is right now. It is business. some point, we all have to move on and I am here trying to create some legacy here in Brooklyn."

Joining the fourth team of his NBA career, Jason Terry just said he is ready.

"I have been in Atlanta, Dallas, and Boston. And now be able to call Brooklyn my home. Again, I am just blessed, honored and ready and ready."

As the former teammate of Terry, and a member of New York Knicks, Jason Kidd also stole some spotlight; the former all-star player had a high-profile retirement and decided to become the coach of Nets.
Asked how to beat the  New York Knicks first, Jason Kidd's answer was determined.

"I thought this was players-only. I think we are talking about Championship. No matter, Miami, Chicago, Indiana, you know, New York too. It is a nice rivalry here between the two of us. Hopefully we can get the better of them this year. You know the bigger picture is that the championship trophy."

Near the end of the conference, the Net owner Mikhail Prokhorov met the players whose salaries helped the Nets' payroll soar so high that they will pay about 80 million dollars in luxury tax next season.