Infant's Death Aftermath

CNC report from Quanzhou
Added On July 22, 2013

Now the latest on an infant's death in a hospital incubator in southeast China's Fujian Province.

Investigators say the infant's family has reached an agreement with the hospital, and the body has been cremated.

However, they didn't disclose any details of the agreement.

Photos suggesting that the skin on the back of an 11-day-old infant had been severely burned went viral online last Thursday, after the baby girl died in the Quanzhou Children's Hospital.

The hospital explained that the baby died of a bacterial infection.

However, the family suspected that she died from burns left by the hospital's incubator.

The grandma of the infant said there were obvious "burns" on the baby's back, buttocks and legs.

"It's too cruel to scorch the baby in incubator but the hospital did not admit it. They can't answer our questions. They want to cover the truth."

According to Zheng's account, the baby was sent into the hospital's intensive care unit immediately after being born on July 6.

Doctors said she suffered neonatal brain hypoxiaischemia and cardiac damage.

The family was informed by the hospital of the baby's recovery on July 14.

And they were assured by the hospital that the baby could be discharged soon on July 16.

But in the morning of July 15, the hospital informed the baby's parents of their child's death.

The tragedy has triggered wide distrust of the hospital.

Some parents of new-born babies in the hospital have asked for transfers to other hospitals for continued medical treatment.

An investigation team was summoned in response to the public concern.

The family refused to let the team perform an autopsy, but investigators said an autopsy was the only possible way to find out the exact cause of death.