Royal baby makes public debut

CNC reporting from London
Added On July 25, 2013

Prince William and his wife Kate left Lodon's St. Mary's Hospital on Tuesday with their newborn son, allowing the world to get a first glimpse of Britain's new little prince.

Duke and duchess of Cambridge presented their newborn boy to the world Tuesday afternoon outside the hospital.

Kate told the media that motherhood was "very emotional", while William said they were still choosing a name for the baby.

SOUNDBITE: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
"Well, he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. He's a big boy, he's quite heavy. We're still working on a name so we will have that as soon as we can. But it's the first time we've seen him, really, so we're having a proper chance to catch up."

SOUNDBITE: Kate Middleton  Duchess of Cambridge
"It's very emotional and such a special time and I think any parent will probably know what this feeling feels like."

SOUNDBITE: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
"(Who does he look like? Does he look like you or Catherine?)
He's got her looks, thankfully."

SOUNDBITE: Kate Middleton  Duchess of Cambridge
"No no no, I'm not sure about that."

The new prince, third-in-line to the throne, remained peaceful in his white blankets, despite deafening cheers from well-wishers and the shouts of photographers.

The couple stayed a few minutes, before they drove off home to
Kensington Palace.

Media and citizens had been waiting outside the hospital since Kate gave birth on Monday.

"We all love the Royal Family in Britain. It just brings us back together. It kinda reunites the community, we all kind of really embrace the royal family here, it brings in tourists. It's just great fun to see them today, hopefully we will."

SOUNDBITE: Reporter from France
"For the French people this is amazing to see, all this people who are around this maternity on this hospital, night and day, to wait, the Royal Family, Kate,William,  and the baby. So it's just fun. I'm just here for two days or three days, some media are out there for three weeks, so it’s not too long, just waiting, that's part of work."

The new prince has become the most heated topic in Britain.

Gambling agencies are offering bets on the baby's name. So far, George and James are the favorite ones.

Since the birth of the baby, London has been lit up to celebrate the birth of the baby boy.

Thousands of people flew to the streets to get a glimpse of the royal baby, as Prince William and his wife Kate left the St. Mary's Hospital.

The city turns all blue with Union Jack flags everywhere.

"Well there's obviously lots excitement in London at the moment, and we were actually sitting at home when we saw the event unravel on the news. And we decided to jump down and come down and join in with the celebrations. There’s lots going on there’s masses of crowds over at Buckingham palace, the fountains are blue at Trafalgar square and our last stop was to see the wheel in its British flag colors. So lots of excitement."

Many landmarks in London joined the celebrations. The BT tower was emblazoned with the words "it's a boy", while London Eye was illuminated with colors of blue, red and white.

SOUNDBITE: LAUREN MITCHAM, Press Officer of EDF Energy London Eye
"Well here at the EDF Energy London Eye, were going to be celebrating the birth of the Royal Baby, by turning the eyes lights to a patriotic red, white and blue to reflect the union jack. This is something we've done for the Royal wedding and also for the Queens Jubilee last year."

According to British media, the British royal wedding in 2011 has attracted nearly 50,000 visitors from aboard, and the royal baby's birth is expected to give British tourism another bounce.