Summer exhibition of the Queen's coronation

CNC report from London
Added On July 29, 2013

The international interest in the Royal Family is continuing.

"The Queen' s Coronation 1953 Exhibition", which kicked off on Saturday in Buckingham Palace, also gives global visitors chances to fuel their fascination with the fairytale ceremonies.

Featuring her majesty' s beautiful designed dress and Queen Victoria' s diamonds, this spectacular exhibition showcases the monarch' s most breathtaking and beautiful hand crafted designs.

"A great celebration in our nation' s history and it brings together not only her majesty the queens magnificent coronation dress and coronation robe, but also dresses, robes and uniforms worn by other important members of the royal family together with objects and artifacts that were used during the coronation service itself."

The monarch' s gown, which is decorated with various emblems from national and commonwealth countries, is embroidered by hand in pastel colored silks.The embroidery for the robe, which includes 18 different threads of gold, took 'The Royal School of Needlework' 3,500 hours to complete, represents peace and prosperity.

As for the highlight of the exhibition, the designer Norman Hartnell' s original idea was to design the dress with silver embroidered roses, leeks and shamrocks. However, it was the Queen's idea to add commonwealth plants.

"He produced a design which blended tradition and modernity which was very much a focal point for the Queen's coronation and this design incorporates not only national emblems of the United Kingdom, but also emblems of the wider common wealth in which her majesty the queen had become the head of state."

The Queen's dress and gown are surrounded by other fabulous dresses also designed by Hartnell.

Beside the signed coronation oath, some private films of the coronation have been shown to the public for the first time.

The Queen had kept them in the library of Windsor castle.

The state dining room is decorated as 60 years ago to give a flavor of the exhibition, with the rounded tables, the 18th century porcelain and the magnificent silver-gilt used in 1811.

The Queen's Coronation 1953 exhibition is being staged as part of Buckingham Palace' s annual summer public opening from July 27 to September 29.