"Recycle Everything" in NYC

CNC reporting from New York
Added On July 31, 2013

Recycling helps protect environment, and though the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the decades, the key is still a collective public effort.

This week, New York City has launched public information campaign called "Recycle Everything" to encourage more New Yorkers to join the city's expanding program to recycle food waste.

More than 11,000 tons of waste is now generated every day in New York City,the mayor Michael Bloom says that the goal of the campaign is to double the recycling rate to 30% by 2017, saving at least 60 million in taxpayer dollars.

"In total, organic wastes and recyclable metal, glass, plastic and paper account for 70 percent for our waste stream, so these new initiatives will take big bite of our landfills. And we'll also launch new efforts to recycle the other 30 percent city wastes as well."

As a part of the campaign, "Organic Collection" is one of the highlights among various recycling programs that are now underway in New York.
Aiming to convert the food scraps and other organic wastes into energy,   the program has already initiated in several neighborhoods in Manhattan earlier this year and saw a significant difference.

The Morning Gardens in Manhattan has dropped the total weight of trash by 35% and households are recycling about one pound of food scraps each day.

SOUNDBITE: Dana, Morningside Resident
"I myself is always committed to the earth, and a lot of New Yorkers are very earth conscious, so it gives me a really great feeling to know that I'm doing something in a small way to (protect) the earth."

According to the plan, the "Organic Recycle" program will reach around 25,000 households in each borough of the city by 2014.
The "Recycle Everything" campaign has begun to run in newspapers and magazines Monday, and will be posted in newsstands, bus stations, subway trains and on taxi tops around the city in the week of Aug 5.