LA holds Italian-style mandolin festival

CNC report from LOS ANGELES
Added On August 3, 2013

For this story, we stay LA, a city home to people of all the world's ethnic groups.

This week the city held a mandolin festival showing off the Italian and American styles.

Let's take a look.

Mandolin is an old instrument, evolved from the Manduola in the 15th century, completing its development in the Italian city of Naples, and has become one of the main folk instruments of Italy and the United States.

It is also popular throughout Europe and Asia. In America, it's often used along with the guitar in Country Music.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) ZOOT VELASCO, Muckenthaler Cultural Center Executive Director:
"Yes, actually Mandolin started in Europe. Very popular in Italy, Spain, Hungary, all over the Mediterranean areas of Europe and Eastern Europe and came here with the Irish and Italian settlers here in the United States and became an instrument used in Blue Grass music which is American traditional folk music. So it has a lot of traditions from around Europe as well as America and you'll hear all of it today, and then Classical also uses Mandolin in Classical orchestra sometimes for certain things so you'll hear some Classical as well."

During the festival, players showed off their skills on the Mandolin, even accompanying modern Rock and roll music, for a refreshing take on some well-known music.

"We've been here about six or seven times. We became members last year and came to a number of concerts last year.
 (Q: Do you like Mandolin music?)
Very much so. We came to the Ukulele Music Festival last year and are really enjoying the Mandolin Festival this year."

China's Xinjiang minorities also enjoy Mandolin music, which can be heard in Western operas as well as orchestras.