More Pharmacies Stop Selling Bear Bile

CNC report from China
Added On August 10, 2013

STORYEight Chinese pharmacy chains announced on Thursday that they have stopped selling bear bile products.

They have joined a campaign launched by an animal charity to end controversial bear farming.

The eight chains, operating a total of 151 drugstores in Chengdu, capital of southwest Sichuan Province, issued the statement at an event held by the Animals Asia Foundation (AAF).

Overall, 11 chains totalling 260 drugstores in China have joined the AAF campaign to stop such sales.

Bear bile is regarded in traditional Chinese medicine theory as a cure for ailments such as eye and liver problems.

But the practice of tapping bile from live bears has drawn much criticism in recent years from animal rights activists and the public.

Some veteran TCM doctors say brutal bile extraction violates the TCM ideal of seeking harmony between man and nature, and that it could be replaced by many herbs that are similar in effect but cheaper.

Medical uses of bear parts have a long history in China.

They have faced mounting opposition in recent years thanks to rising animal welfare awareness among the public.

Last year, a renowned bear bile producer abandoned its application to sell stock to the public amid a groundswell of condemnation.