Copenhagen fashion week 2013

CNC report from Copenhagen
Added On August 10, 2013

This week Copenhagen, Denmark is holding its twice-annual Fashion Week, showing off the looks for next spring and summer.

Despite the financial crisis, it has attracted some 2,000 brands from all over the world.

Copenhagen Fashion week opened with a sense of optimism that has not been seen for the past several years.

2013 is a good year for Danish fashion industry, despite the economic crisis that knocked many companies out of the industry during the past five years.

Those who survived the crisis have grown 2.6 percent compared with the previous year.

These standing companies have found ways to renew and still keep their own unique style. This trend can be observed from last year's spring and summer collection presented on CFW in Copenhagen.

"The difference is in the colors if we start there. Next summer's colors are softer, they are more balanced, so you don't have these contrast - you have more harmony. For example the red is a sorbet and the brown or the gold is more into bronze, so we have very classic colors that would suit different types of people."

Fashion reflects the time and lifestyles we live in. Boeilerehauge sees obvious signs from fashion industry that the economy will improve.

"I think it reflects the time we are in. We are in the last stages of a financial crisis, so the designers are also trying to play safe, but the DNA of fashion is change - fashion has to change - so how can they do that. I think they do it in a soft and rather subtle way. So that's their way of being innovative but still keep towards the center, not being extreme."

The fashion industry is one of in Denmark biggest exports, bringing in around 3 billion U.S. dollars a year.

Lately Danish fashion has got a reputation of one of the greenest fashion industries in the world, which of course is reflected in the atmosphere at the fairs and on the runways .

"I think the atmosphere is calmer that we have seen for a couple of seasons. It is welcoming, it is present and the brands and the companies who are still here they have shown their worth. We lost a great number of fashion brands during the last couple of years, but the ones still standing are good at design, they are good at business and they have probably also other very important perspectives and one of them could be taking care of the environment."

Danish designers mixed the green elements with styles and materials.

Danish fashion industry has become very aware of how clothes are actually produced. Corporate responsibility is on the priority list when the companies choose their manufactures abroad.

"I think it is very important for them, because we have learned during the last period of time that the world is not divided and we have to take care of those in the worldwide production. We can't just imagine that the root of the production not being there and be thrilled by all these beautiful products. Some of the joy, some of the pleasures of having a nice fashion item is also knowing that this was produced by people who can live well and work under reasonable conditions."

So sustainability and responsibility are up-to-date keywords for the fashion industry and here Denmark has a stronghold that has given  companies a solid foundation to build their futures on.

"What we see here for the coming season is that designers and brands stick to their universe. They have created a universe through a number of years and that's very they stay. So the change and the innovation are not jumping from one segment to the next. They have survived by remaining in their segment and they continue appealing to that group of people. And I think by doing that they also appeal to that precise group's wish of being individuals. They don't try to mass-market the products or the designs that they have. They now say that this is what our company is; this is what our brand is characterized by, so this is what you can buy as a consumer and by buying that, you support your individuality. So that's been their way of surviving. Change has been within the universe they have already created."

Copenhagen Fashion Week is expected to attract more than 45,000 fashion professionals and fans.