Filmmaker Stanley Kramer centennial

CNC report from Los Angeles
Added On August 12, 2013

This year marks the 100th birthday of Stanley Kramer, the late American cinema director-producer.

To celebrate the legendary filmmaker's centennial, the new restoration of his film  "Death of a Salesman"  was premiered Friday in Los Angeles .

Let's take a look.

The newlt restored version is the first in a series of films shown as part of the centennial celebration of Stanley Kramer's life and work.

Kramer's widow Karen Sharpe Kramer and their daughter, Katharine Kramer appeared at the celebration, with many other celebrities joining them on the red carpet.

"I' m so happy to see it because it just been restored by the Hollywood Foreign Press and the film foundation, I' ve never seen the original, and this is my chance and every body else to finally see the movie has been restoration for over 50 years."

Many of the guests once worked with Stanley, including the first black Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier.

"Working with him was easy because he was the one who understood the material, he knew what he wanted to put on film."

Stanley Kramer was born in 1913 and pasted away in 2001.

In 1951, he produced  "Death of a Salesman"  based on the Broadway play. It tells a story about an over-the-hill salesman who faces a personal turning point, as he loses his job and attempts to make peace with his family.

As a director and producer, Kramer was responsible for 35 films yet never won an Academy Award. However, he holds the record for the most nominated filmmaker in the industry.

Many of his movies have survived the test of time.

"The artistic bar that Stanley Kramer and those particular people did, we need to keep that in mind especially to young, so they can know how good the art of film is. So any time we reach back and grab a Stanley Kramer' s movie, you will see at the year how he did it, you know how brave and how fortunate, how artistic and brilliant he was."

The premiere of  "Death of a Salesman"  opened the UCLA Film Television Archive Film series:  "Champion: The Stanley Kramer Centennial." 

This 3-month long event will showcase 15 of his movies from August 9th to September 29th.