Copenhagen fashion week concludes

CNC report from Copenhagen
Added On August 13, 2013

Signs that the financial crisis in Europe is starting to lift and an increase in the export of Danish fashion has spread the light of optimism.

The past five years have been tough for many companies and many did not survive, but those who did are ready to follow the new trends in producing sustainable and long lasting products - that can even be used again and swapped between the consumers at a great “Fashion Exchange Market” at the end of the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Ended on Sunday, the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2013 presented the collections for the spring and summer season next year.

Optimism has returned to the Danish Fashion business after signs that the financial crisis is loosening its grip in the European countries. Actually it could also be measured by the numbers. Danish fashion export has gone up with 2.6 percent in the first half of 2013.

"It has been a very good fashion week. It feels like the industry is coming back to itself. We have a lot of visitors from abroad and the coverage from international media has been really positive and we see an increase again in the export. But still I also think that the fashion industry needs to look into to some of the new markets like China where the growth is even bigger; because I think if we only sell our fashion to the countries near by the growth will not be as steep as it would be if we went to the BRIC countries."

So after a some five years struggling with the crisis and experiencing a decline in the export, Danish fashion industry is back on the track

“Our products are made for lasting longer like the origin of Danish style in furniture design we see also in fashion, so if you buy typical Danish design it will be fashionable for a number of years and that goes very well with consumers, because we want to consume a little bit less.”

One thing means more to Danish fashion industry and the branding of Danish fashion than anything else. And that is environmental awareness and sustainable ways to produce the clothing in an industry that is the second most polluting of all industries in the world.

The Fashion Exchange Market on Copenhagen Town City Square is just one of many new initiatives to strengthen the awareness of the environmental issues that needs to be taken serious by both the industry and the consumer’s as well.

Among the many guests on the exchange market was also the Danish Minister for Environment who herself had some close with her to give away – and maybe find something herself that she could take with her home instead.

“It is very important that we get the big industries behind us in our work to change our behavior. Actually the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries of all. Imagine; producing just one pair of jeans 10.000 of liters of water is used, so it is very important that we get them behind and also make people want to be part of this.”

Being one of Denmark’s biggest export industries and considering the Danish stronghold as a green country the hope is that also on the fashion field Denmark can show tyhe world new ways of taking care of the environment.

It might take some time yet. But Copenhagen Fashion Week 2013 showed a bit of the way for people all to get a bit closer to the goal, a cleaner world.