"Pretty little liars" sweeps teen choice 2013

CNC report from Los Angeles
Added On August 14, 2013

America's Teen Choice Awards honor those in music, movies, sports and many other fields for their achievements over the past year. The awards are televised and are based on votes from viewers aged 13 to 19. At this year's awards, the TV series  "Pretty Little Liars"  won big with 7  awards, including best TV drama.

Let's take a look.

hThe annual Teen Choice Awards represent American teenagers'  taste of the year in a broad sense.

This year's awards, "Pretty Little Liars" has been chose to be the most popular one among teens.

Hundreds of stars, including the popular singer Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev from  "Vampire Diaries"  and Jean-Luc Bilodeau from  "Baby Daddy"  walked on the green carpet to share their excitements.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)Actor/Nominee, Jean-Luc Bilodeau
"It' s a really great feeling to be here. Everyone is kind of at same level, everyone is having fun, and are promoting their show and movie stuff and we are having good time."

Up to the 4th season, this year  "Pretty Little Liars"  and its cast won 7 awards included  "The Choice of Drama" ,  "The Choice of TV Drama Actors" ,  "The Choice of TV Drama Actress"  and  "Choice Summer TV Show"  etc.

Along with that, the movie  "Pitch Perfect"  took home the second most popular title with  "Choice Movie Comedy" ,  "Choice Movie Comedy Actor" ,  "Choice Movie Comedy Actress"  and  "Choice Movie Villain" .

The female singer Demi Lovato won the  "Choice Female Artist"  of the year and the music group One Direction took home the  "Choice Music Group" .

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)Actor/Nominee, Max Greenfield
"I think what we are doing every week on TV is a nice silly show. It' s fun and we have a good time, and hopefully I know high school could be a difficult place and time. A lot of kids would come home from school and turn on our show, and forget about some of that for a minute, then we won."

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)Actor/Nominee, Jean-Luc Bilodeau
"I feel like because I have this high level of responsibility on the show as my character taking care of the kid. It kind of translate to my own life, you know. Obviously I have to take care of my fans, and let them know I care about their journeys and everything, and support them as much as they support me."

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)Darren Criss from  "Glee"  and the leading actress from  "Pretty Little Liars"  Lucy Hale were this year' s emcees. The music artists included Florida Georgia Line, Demi Lovato and One Direction rocked the night with their hottest songs during the ceremony.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)Actress/Nominee, Allison Holker
"I just hope that kids in the new generation really fight for their dreams, and I think it shows you a show like this, the younger generation, like people who are acting, people who are singing, people who are dancing, and it' s like if you really fight for what you want, and you believe in yourself, you can get anywhere, you can end up on this carpet next year or a year after."

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH)Youtube singing group /Nominee, Cimorelli
"Singing like Woo, singing like Woo, cuz we made it, made it, made it, in America."

Since 1999, Teen Choice Awards honor the year' s biggest achievements in movies, television, music, sports, fashion.

The awards were geared specifically towards teen demographic and voted on by viewers aged 13 to 19. P
Winners would receive an authentic full size surfboard designed with the graphics of the year's show.