Egypt crisis: Pro-Morsi protests shrink

CNC report from Cairo
Added On August 24, 2013

Only a few thousand supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi turned out for protests Friday despite calls for massive marches.

This comes as the army-backed interim government continues a heavy-handed crackdown on protestors.

Violence continues in Egypt.

One supporter of ousted President Mohamed Morsi had been killed in clashes with security forces. Dozens were also injured.

The marches are seen as a test of the remaining strength and commitment of the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports Morsi.

Their numbers have been thinned by a fierce crackdown.

Hundreds have lost their lives in the authorities' crackdown and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood jailed.

The "General Guide"  of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, was arrested on Tuesday. He's due to go on trial Sunday on charges including incitement to violence.

The unrest, one of the bloodiest in Egypt's modern history, has plunged the already-divided country into a deep turmoil.

And there's no sign that it will end any time soon.