Qarhan Salt Lake

Added On September 23, 2013

 As the heatwave continues to scorch large swathes of China, Qarhan Salt Lake, the largest salt lake in the country attracts huge numbers of tourists because of its cool weather and natural beauty.

The word "Qarhan" is Mongolian, meaning salt lake. 
Located in Qaidam Basin in China's northwestern Qinghai province , Qarhan Salt Lake features a shimmering lake and snow-like salt flats. 
The flat terrain and endless deserts around the salt lake make it a unique landscape. On sunny days, the salt lake glitters like a massive mirror. 
Every year, many visitors travel here to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) QIN YAN, Tourist from Sichuan 
"We have 15 people here from 5 families. We came here because it's clean and the climate is so cool. "
Crystal salt blooms in various shapes but it is those that look like coral or jewels that fascinate tourists most. Qarkan Salt Lake is also famous for producing a so-called pearl salt, dubbed the "King of Salt Lake". 
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE) QIN YAN, Tourist from Sichuan
"It's our first visit to Qarhan Salt Lake, the largest salt lake in China. It's really impressed me. I've never seen such spectacular scenery before."
Covering an area of 5800 square kilometers, Qarhan Salt Lake, nearly 2,700 meters above sea level, is the largest salt lake in China and one of the most famous inland salt lakes in the world.
The hot and dry climate and long periods of sunshine makes the salt in the water, which is also rich in minerals, crystallize, forming a thick covering of salt on the surface.