Typhoon Haiyan aftermath-international aid on the way

Added On November 14, 2013

 Staying in the typhoon-ravaged Philippines.

The UN has launched an aid appeal for more than 300 million dollars, as U.S. and British warships head towards the country carrying relief efforts.
Where is the food? where is the water?'
These are the two questions on the minds of these people in the Philippines.
The relief operation is underway, but for the increasingly desperate survivors...aid cannot arrive soon enough.
The UN estimates that more than 10 million people, or 10 percent of the Philippines' population, have been affected.
The UN and other relief agencies say transport logistics remains the biggest challenge, due to widespread damage and the large amount of debris blocking airports, roads and other access routes.
On Tuesday, UN aid chief Valerie Amos launched a 300-million-U.S. dollar emergency appeal from the Philippines capital, Manila.
Meanwhile, the U.S. has dispatched the aircraft carrier USS George Washington along with other Navy ships, as well as 20 million dollars in humanitarian aid to help support disaster relief efforts in the Phiippines.  
Britain also announced that a warship, currently in Singapore, would also be heading "at full speed" to the Philippines.