Nepal elections

Added On November 19, 2013

Nepal holds national elections on Tuesday.

The vote is crucial to complete the long-stalled peace process since civil war ended in 2006.

Thousands of security personnel have been deployed as violence has gripped the country in the run-up to the elections.

Voting for peace.

That's what Nepal hopes to achieve in Tuesday's elections.

This is the second vote in seven years since the 10-year civil war ended.

More than 120 parties are competing for 601 seats in the constituent assembly.

The first constituent assembly elections were held in 2008 and the Maoist party won overwhelmingly. But the assembly collapsed last year as coalition governments failed to draft a constitution and complete the peace process due to the political infighting.

To underscore the bumpy road ahead, violence has gripped the country before the polls open.

A number of attacks have taken place, aimed at disrupting the vote. Police have arrested over 300 people.

"I didn't see any one at the time of the blast, but I guess they threw two petrol bombs at our bus. Everybody was trying to escape. Some jumped from the window. I could see a child trapped inside."

"I had planned to vote in the elections. But after this, I won't. I'm not going to vote in any election in my life."

But many have decided to take the risk and cast the ballot.

"There's a real risk of life. We've heard many violent attacks and buses are burned, but I'm going to vote anyway."

"I am very hopeful and very excited to vote for my favorite candidates."

The government has deployed 50,000 soldiers and 140,000 police to guard polling stations.