ECB unveils new 10-euro banknote

Added On January 15, 2014

The European Central Bank has unveiled the new 10-euro banknote.
It incorporates new security measures aimed at countering the rise in counterfeits. 
The new 10-euro banknote will start circulating on September 23 this year.
The ECB says the new note is more durable and resistant to counterfeiting than its predecessor issued in 2002.
ECB executive board member Yves Mersch says the introduction of the new banknote is a chance to highlight the importance of maintaining people's trust in the single currency. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): YVES MERSCH, ECB executive board member
"One of the main reasons for introducing a new series of notes is to ensure that everyone who uses them can continue to do so with complete confidence. That's why we have drawn on a number of new technologies to modernise the security features, making the notes even more resistant to counterfeiting. In addition, the new banknotes have an innovative coating that makes them more durable than the first series." 
It is the second new euro banknote that the ECB unveiled to the public, following the new 5-euro note introduced in May last year. 
The new banknote series, known as "Europa", will gradually replace the first series in ascending order over time.