Chinese contemporary art gets popularity in NY

Added On January 23, 2014

New York City's Chelsea district is the buzzing center of Manhattan's contemporary art scene with more than 200 galleries located in a seven block radius. 
Large exhibition spaces are attracting art lovers from around the world and Chinese artists are now leaving a big footprint in New York's famous gallery district.
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When the Klein Sun Gallery started to feature emerging Chinese artists in 2007, owner Eli Klein would have never dreamed of how much popularity Chinese contemporary art would gain over the next few years. 
Now, it appears he cannot offer enough pieces to a rapidly growing number of clients.
The gallery just opened a gigantic exhibition space in New York's trendy Chelsea gallery district and sold almost all of the exhibited sculptures by Chinese artist Li Hongbo only within one week.
"We've been very successful in our business and we're in the business of promoting Chinese artists, so absolutely, the expansion to and over 8,000 square ft. space in Chelsea from our much smaller Soho venue is directly correlated with how well we were doing which is of course as a result of Chinese contemporary art becoming ever more popular in America."
Over the last 10 years, the New York art scene has exploded and turned into as a growing economic factor. 
The Whitney Museum of American Art is investing millions in a 4,600-square-meet exhibition space right in the heart of Chelsea. 
Galleries have expanded as more and more buyers are looking for art not only as decoration for their apartments but also as a financial investment.
"We can show in a well-represented substantial way 10 to 12 artists each exhibition and if we have 10 exhibitions a year it's likely that we'll be bringing in one way or the other close to a hundred Chinese artists, living Chinese artists to be exhibited in New York every year."
Eli Klein and his Beijing-based partner Shanna Sun are also planning to offer upcoming Chinese artists studio space in their gallery as part of a work residency program starting later this year.