UK floods

Added On February 15, 2014

Drenched Britain is now fighting against the floods as Atlantic storm brings more misery to the country.
Prince William and Prince Harry joined the relief team, helping British protect their homes Friday.
High tides, rain and gales...
A new winter storm hammered Britain overnight Friday, bringing violent winds and claiming at least two lives.
Around 6,000 homes have been inundated along the Thames Valley, with some remaining under water for more than a month. 
As winds raged on, landslips and fallen trees caused havoc on the rail network, and some arriving flights were diverted from London's Heathrow to other airports amid fierce bouts of wind.
British Prime Minister David Cameron, whose government had been under escalated blame for ill-preparedness, reiterated his promise to do "whatever it takes" to help stricken communities
"I want people to know that the Government absolutely stands behind this relief effort and money isn't an object in this relief effort. Whatever is required with emergency services, Environment Agency workers, sandbags, military effort - all those things will be done in this vital period. I think it's very important people understand that."
Prince William and Prince Harry joined a work crew in west of London, unloading sandbags alongside soldiers in a River Thames village.  
The princes were not the only royals helping out. Their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, has sent feed and bedding from the royal farms at Windsor to farmers whose land has been inundated.  
England had its wettest January since records began in 1766 and the rain has continued this month.