Thailand unrest-court: no force against protests

Added On February 20, 2014

Now over to Thailand...Where a Thai court has ordered the government not to use violence against protesters. 
This comes one day after clearup operations of rally sites turned violent, leaving five people dead.
The Civil Court ruled Wednesday that some orders issued by the prime minister and a special security command center under an emergency decree were illegal.
The court said these orders violated the protesters' constitutional rights and ordered to prohibit the government from using any force.  
However, the court rejected protesters' requests to revoke the state of emergency, saying it was within the government's power.
The Cabinet declared a state of emergency in the Bangkok area on Jan. 21 after the protesters threatened to shut down the government offices. 
Police have been ordered to exercise restraint and avoid using force, but violence erupted on Tuesday as police attempted to clear protest sites and remove protesters.
Reports say the violence left one policeman and four protesters dead and at least 63 people injured.
Protesters have been camping around government buildings and at major intersections for about two months, in an attempt to shut down the Thai capital.  
The government held a general election on Feb. 2 to try to defuse tensions, but the opposition boycotted the vote.