Thailand poll re-runs

Added On March 3, 2014

Voting has been held in the five provinces in Thailand that were unable to hold polls in last month's general election due to anti-government protests. 
The re-runs, which were held on Sunday, went ahead without any anti-government protesters have withdrawn from protest sites across Bangkok. 
On Sunday, polls opened peacefully in five Thai provinces for re-runs of a widely disrupted general election.
The move is aimed at completing a troubled vote that could provide a mandate for a new government.
The general election on February 2 failed to yield results as protesters forced the closure of around 10 percent of polling stations, many located in opposition strongholds.
The Election Commission said results cannot be announced until polls have been held in all constituencies, setting a late-April deadline for their completion.
Also on Sunday, protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban addressed the demonstrators at Lumpini Park.
Protesters have now withdrawn from all rally sites in the capital except one located in the Park, vowing that all future protest activities will be held in the park.
According to Suthep, the withdrawal was to avoid causing further hardships to the city's residents.
However, in a show of defiance, Suthep has vowed to continue the campaign to force caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign and make way for an unelected interim government.
Days ago, he made a conditional offer to negotiate with Yingluck, shifting from the absolute refusal he maintained for months.
In response, Yingluck says she agrees to peaceful talks, provided they are in line with the constitution. And Suthep is ready to end the street protests to facilitate a re-vote of the incomplete election.