Chinese President Xi visits France

Added On March 28, 2014

Following a trip to the Netherlands, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in France, where he held talks in Paris with his French counterpart, Francois Hollande. 
On Wednesday, the two blueprinted future ties between their respective countries, whose diplomatic relationship has spanned five decades. 
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-France diplomatic ties and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of their comprehensive strategic partnership.
At the French president's invitation, Chinese president Xi Jinping arrived in Paris on Wednesday, and was greeted by full French honors. 
At a press conference following their meeting, Xi said that the historical handshake between China and France 50 years ago was a notable chapter in international relations and East-West exchange.
Xi said Wednesday's meeting was of great significance for the China-France relationship as it will "carry forward the undertakings of the predecessors and open up a new road for the future."
He said
"We should draw a blueprint and lay a solid foundation for the China-France relationship to develop at a higher level in the future, and work together to open up a new era featuring a close and lasting comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries." 
Hollande said he believes that Xi's visit will inject new vitality into cooperation between the two countries.
The French leader said China and France share the same view on world issues, both following an independent foreign policy and upholding adherence to widely-recognized norms of international relations.
Hollande said the France-China relationship plays an important role in promoting the global balance of power and safeguarding of world peace and stability.
Before arriving in Paris, Xi visited Biomerieux research center in Lyon, the first stop on his French tour.
Xi said China and France have been undertaking frequent exchanges, and sharing broad hopes to boost their cooperation in the health sector.
The two sides have been running a production and research base in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai and a P4 biosafety lab in Wuhan in Central China.
Xi said he appreciated the contribution made by the Institute Merieux in promoting friendship and cooperation between China and France.
France is the second leg of Xi's ongoing Europe trip, which will also take him to Germany and Belgium.