London burlesque festival

Added On May 19, 2014

The largest International Burlesque Festival, the London Burlesque Festival is now in its 8th edition.
And it is running for 11 sizzling evenings in London from May 15.
The show is definitely a feast for the eyes. 
The performers'  multi-colored costumes, exquisite make-up, and a variety of strip dancing and teasing performance are bringing out the best in each other.
The 100 performers are selected from more than 700 submissions. Many performers at the festival are UK-based, including some famed dancers who have won awards at world competitions.
 "I would say that the standard has gotten better but also the styles and the genres of burlesque has differentiated over the years. So it is not just about the traditional fan dance or feather boas, you see a lot more alternative performance art and different styles of burlesque coming into fashion now.  "
 "It' s been a really good creative outlet for me as a performer, it lets you sort of push the boundaries and try things that you can' t necessarily do in other types of performance art." 
Founded by the internationally acclaimed producer Chaz Royal, London Burlesque Festival acts as a center stage for the world's finest performers.
 "With burlesque now is a female driven industry. Its very DIY Do It Yourself and it enables a lot of women to get involved in very grass roots hands on way and I think that' s for the large part a big appeal to a lot of people. So I would say that the audience is maybe 60% to 70% women." 
London Burlesque Festival 2014 runs till May 25.