Dried-up lake in California

Added On May 19, 2014

The ever-worsening drought continues to strike the state of California.
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In 1953, because of the construction of Bradbury Dam, a reservoir was created in Santa Barbara County, California, and that is the Lake Cachuma. 
Lake Cachuma is not only a recreation area, but also the source of drinking water for more than 200,000 local residents. However, due to the ongoing drought in California, Cachuma Lake is at 39.7 percent  of its capacity. 
California Department of Water Resources has recently confirmed that California is having the biggest drought since 19th century. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) KEN HEMER, Cachuma Lake recreation area merchant:
"Three years ago, this lake was out full, which is basically about 4 stairs down. So, that much. If you look at cross out the deck, this was a lot of water out there. We are 39% capacities so we are missing 61% of the water. If you look this way, you can actually see the tree line there. That is basically the water level. So we are down approximately 52 feet."
Three years ago, Ken Hemer came to Cachuma Lake and started his marina and boat rental business. When he first came here, the lake was at over 90 percent capacity. Ken has a dock for his boating business. And because water level getting lower and lower, he has to keep moving the dock to the water. 
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) KEN HEMER, Cachuma Lake recreation area merchant:
"We move it every three days. We have to, at this point. Because, if you notice, the bottom level off is down there. If we do not move these thing every three days, it gets stuck and then we can not move them and we are in trouble, we have to do something very drastic."
Ken took CNC correspondents to the dock in the middle of the lake. On the way, he showed us the water level three years ago, where now is not a crack on the rock. And the water level of full lake capacity is now a dividing line on the fence. 
Drought has affected Ken' s business as well. Three years ago, he had 40 rental boats, all in use. But now he has 30 left and most of them are not in use. Nevertheless, Ken has not given up yet. Although boat renting is not going well, his fishing business still does well.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) KEN HEMER, Cachuma Lake recreation area merchant:
"If anything else, it is a smaller lake with same amount of fish. Should make fishing better, right? And yes, fishing is being really good. As a matter of fact, I saw the best rainbow trout came out here 2 days ago. 9 ponds, really big fish, came out two days ago. Very good fish, best I have ever seen in 3 and half years."
When talking about the drought, Ken is a little helpless. If the drought keeps going until next year, he is going to make new plan for his business. But so far, he has not given up. Like most of the local residents, Ken' s only hope is to rain.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) KEN HEMER, Cachuma Lake recreation area merchant:
"We all want water, just for the state concern, not just for here, for the whole state. Everybody is in the drought, not just here. I would love to have, if it rains for 3 weeks straight, but that is not very realistic. We just get as it goes."