Football dream II starts in Beijing

Added On June 2, 2014

Football Dream, a large-scale culture exchange program featuring youth football training was launched in Beijing Thursday, kicking the 2nd season of the TV reality show by the same name.
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Like the first season in 2013, the 2nd season continues its tradition to collaborate with two different but also well-known clubs for the training.
They are Tottenham Hotspur from England and Inter Milan of Italy.
Hotspur's ambassador Ledley King, the Inter Milan's ambassador Ze Maria and former Dutch national player Edgar Davids all showed up at the launching ceremony.
The program, jointly organized by the State Youth Football Management Bureau and Global Media Productions Limited (GMP), provides the enthusiastic Chinese junior players, aged from 14 to 16, an opportunity to train with international stars at elite European clubs.
With online and TV broadcasting, the first season received a quite positive feedback, pushing forward the production of the second season.
Grant Gazdig, Chief Executive Officer of GMP told CNC that he was satisfied with the results.
SOUNDBITE(ENG): GRANT GAZDIG, CEO, Global Media Productions Ltd.
"I think that turned out very good. We found some good kids. I think they had good experience. And I think at the end, everybody from the west, like in London and Amsterdam and Chinese people went together and really enjoyed the experience."
Following the first season, this year the program will extend the audition stage to five major cities of Hong Kong, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.
In July, 24 qualified teenagers will be selected from more than 1,000 participants in the World Cup year of 2014, entering the Football Dream training camp.
At last, only four of the remaining will become the winners of this season.
Gazdig said that there are reasons why Europe is strong in football, however, he is confident of doing the same thing and developing more talented Chinese boys, or even girls.
SOUNDBITE(ENG): GRANT GAZDIG, CEO, Global Media Productions Ltd.
"I think that it is the passion that the father has and grandfathers have so they passed it on to the kids. So the kids from very very small they wanted to play football because of their dads. And I think that really breeds a whole generation of football fans. Certainly I think China can do the same thing. As we have more football stars from China. Chinese boys get a chance to do that to see that. And also we are hoping in one of the future seasons we invite girls as well. So we'd like to have Chinese boys and Chinese girl to be trying on the football dream."
As one of the mentors of the 2nd season, Ledley King, the highly rated central defender, said he is looking forward to meet the young potentials.
SOUNDBITE(ENG): LEDLEY KING, Ambassador of Hotspur
"I'm very much looking forward to be involved in Football Dream, I have a lot passion in China to develop young players. I love to see young players enjoy the game to improve every time, take a lot of satisfaction form seeing that. We have some other world-class quality coaches are coming over. They have been players, great players in their time, the knowledge will be great for kids to learn. Also to see that we are just normal people, if they work hard, they will become players one day. It's great to be involved, to let these kids know that anything is possible, not just in football, also in life, you need the hard work and the dedication and be able to work in the team environment, and this form will take you further of life, Great."