Temecula valley balloon & wine festival

Added On June 3, 2014

The 31st Annual Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival was held Sunday in Temecula, California. 
Featuring a massive drifting of hot air balloons, premium wine tasting, and live music, the festival attracted nearly 40,000 people and brought an exciting weekend for southern California.
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Since 1769, the State of California was first introduced to wine brewing by the Spanish. In the mid-19th century, the newly growing wine industry in California started to attract attentions in the globe market. 
As Temecula Valley is wide-open, it is not only good for wine brewing, but also very convenient for hot air balloon flying. 
During the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, people ride the balloon around the vineyard, taste the savor wine in Temecula Valley. It has become one of the most popular activities for people in South California.
"It (Balloon and wine tasting) was actually put together by the chamber commerce here in 1983, and it was a balloonist that flew the circus balloon, while Daren, the chamber commerce who came up with the idea, and they put the two together. We’ve been flying the balloon and drinking wine ever since."
"Been here in Temecula and riding the hot air balloon for the first time was awesome. Nerve, before felt, just been so high up in the ground air, more than riding the supreme screen, I’m not very farm. More than many roller coasters riding every where. This is one amazing experience, well I mean we flew around this certain areas. I wish we could have gone a little bit further honestly, but other than that, just looking at that view, everything out there, it just a wonderful experience I will never ever forget as been here, and it was totally worth waking up early early in the morning."
In old fairy tale "Wizard of Oz", the wizard traveled to the Land of Oz by hot air balloon. With this premise of mysterious wicked story, many people came over as early as 6 in the morning to experience this once in a lifetime trip, fly over the Temecula Valley like witches. 
Up to 40 hot air balloons were showcased on the festival. However, balloons are not the only treat for the sense at this event, premium wines from up to 20 wineries and exclusive food pairing demonstrations offered so much for people to experience. 
California accounts for nearly 90 percent of American wine production, and the wines starts to get more and more attention around the globe. Therefore it attracts many people from different countries here to taste the savor wines every year. 
The Balloon and Wine Festival officially launched the balloon and wine tasting season in California.
"We’ve got 16 to 36 wineries here pouring, sampling their wines. We have a food and wine pairing event, which means they bring out their executive chief, and take their wine and pair them, and we also got beer pairing where they show them how to tea or cook their beer, and they give them recipes and they give them the food to match it."
"I was invited by my lovely friends here, and it was beautiful, it was worth to wake up and watch all the balloons take off, it really was, beautiful, breathtaking, amazing."
"This is an event for family, an entire family whether you are celebrating your anniversary, your birthday, you are getting engaged, or you just want come out to Temecula and explore, this is definitely a good place. It is definitely a good day, so we are luck to be here, and be by the sun, and drink a little bit of champagne, so it was really worth be in here today."
As the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology, the first hot air balloon was created by Montgolfier brothers on December 14, 1782. Once the hot air balloon is in the sky, it would be purely pushed along by the wind. By burning the propane gas, the balloonist could adjust the height. 
Established 31 years ago, the Balloon and Wine Festival was as a non-profit, charitable organization. The mission of the festival is to enhance the charitable, cultural, educational, and economic development of the region.