Italian Day in Vancouver

Added On June 10, 2014

In Vancouver, one couldn't find a better place to enjoy a beautiful afternoon than Little Italy, where one will easily mistake it for Verona, Florence or Rome.
Lifestyle takes you there to enjoy an Italian Day in Canada.
STANDUP: EVAN DUGGAN, Vancouver Correspondent
“CNC is here in the heart of Vancouver’s Little Italy where, for one day every year — whether you’re from Italy or not — everyone eats, drinks and parties like an Italian.” 
Located in eastern part of Vancouver, Little Italy is a largly Italian-based community formed last century as many Italians flocked to Canada after the World War II.
According to the organizer of the event, among the current some 40,000 Italian-Canadians in Vancouver, many of them are living in East Vancouver.
SOUNDBITE: BEPPE DELUCIO, Italian Day Society President
“We want to celebrate everything that is Italian. But mostly, all those people that years ago, they moved here from Italy and they gave a better life to their children and now is the time to celebrate what they’ve done for us.” 
This year's Italian Day is celebrated with the focus on the inventions and ideas originated from Italy but are being used nowadays around the world.
To showcase these inventions and ideas, such as espresso machine, type-writer and radio, a museum was set up for the festival.
SOUNDBITE: BRUNELLA GAUDIO, Italian Day Committee Member
“We’re basically highlighting a variety of different products that we use everyday in our lives that really stem from Italy’s inventions.” 
To honor the history and contribution of the local Italian community, Vancouver government set this June as Italian Heritage Month.
SOUNDBITE: RICHARD LEE, Member of Provincial Legislature
“You can hear the music, the people, the food, the culture. I think this is a great day for Vancouver, a great day for all people living around Vancouver as well.”
Vancouver’s Italian Day was firstly observed in 1977, when Italian immigrant and politician Anna Terrano started the event as a way to honor her Italian roots.
In Terrano's memories, the Italian Day in 1982 is the most unforgettable as Italian National Football Team won the World Cup exact the same day.
Up to now, the founder have been seeing the event as a good occasion to meet her fellow countrymen.
SOUNDBITE: ANNA TERRANO, Italian Day’s Original Founder
“What I like the most is the people. You meet people that you don’t meet all year round, and also the mixture of people that you meet.”
But for others, everything in the festival could be a good reason for their love of the day.
“I think it’s just you know the Italians come together. Being of Italian descent, it’s really cool to kind of get everybody back to their culture and hanging out together.” … “The food, for sure.” … “The food.”… “Um, I haven’t really seen much yet but my favorite thing so far would be this gelato.” … “Ice cream. Obviously, it’s delicious.” … “Just that they bring all the cultural of Italy back here is just amazing.” … “My favorite thing about Italian Day is showing the world what Italy has to offer and showing everybody our culture and how great it is.” … “Here they are. It’s the life and the vibrancy and the La Dolce Vita. That’s what I love the best.”