3D printing industry booms in China I

Added On June 23, 2014

With products ranging from prostheses, shoes and mini-statues, 3D printing technology has seen a boom in China.
The 2014 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Exhibition has opened in east China's coastal city of Qingdao.
The four-day event has attracted 110 domestic and foreign 3D printing companies. 
And they will showcase their latest 3D printing equipment, technology and products.
Let's have a look. 
An exhibitor from Shanghai says that they can make personalized prostheses and organs through 3D printing technology.
And a personalized implant is more fittable for a particular patient comparing to a standard prostheses, so this will help doctors shorten the time of the surgery. 
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): Employee, Shanghai Leinishao Corporation
"A standard bone is not fittable for everyone, since people's physical conditions are different. But 3D printing technology can make a perfect fit by measuring one's shape. this is its biggest advantage." 
Apart from printing biomedical products, 3D printing technology can also be used to print objects like shoes and bikes. 
And the cost of a sport shoe is only 40 yuan or about 6.5 U.S. dollars.
Experts say that many products can be realized through 3D printing and it will bring considerable profits.
According to China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance's data, the global 3D printing industry's output was about 3.2 billion U.S. dollars last year with over 10 percent output coming from China. 
China's 3D printing output was 2 billion yuan or 320 million U.S. dollars last year. And the figure is expected to double this year.
But experts also say that 3D can only supplement traditional manufacturing, not replace it. It will save costs and shorten time in the industrial design field.
Moreover, they say that China is at an important period of upgrading traditional industries, which will provide opportunities for 3D printing technology.