World Cup semifinal- Germany beats Brazil 7-1

Added On July 9, 2014

Brazil's World Cup dream shattered by Germany...
The hosts suffered a 7-1 pounding in Tuesday's semi-final against Germany.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff says she is "sad and sorry" about the humiliating defeat.
... while Germany's football federation president says the victory over Brazil in the semi-final was "an historic day for German football".
Disbelief and despair... as Brazilians watch their national team thrashed by Germany in the World Cup semi-final.
Joachim Low's team stunned the hosts with five goals in the first half-hour, effectively ending the match before halftime.
A rain of seven goals by Germany devastated the Brazilians that for years have hoped for winning its sixth Cup title right on its own turf.
The hosts were not the favorites as they faced the match with star striker Neymar, out injured and captain Thiago Silva suspended for the game.
However, what happened on the pitch in the Mineirao stadium exceeded all expectations, and brought protestors onto the streets.
Some were questioning whether it was worth it to hold the event, for which the country has already spent a record 11 billion U.S. dollars.
Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari apologized to fans for failing to lead the host to the World Cup final, saying the defeat to Germany marks the "worst day" of his professional life.
President Dilma Rousseff also said on twitter that she was "sad and sorry" about Brazil's humiliating loss.
Meanwhile... in Germany... fans revelled at the seven-goal scoring spree by their national team.
"The German players were very good, come on. You have to be, hahaha. They are playing very good, yeah. And Brazilians were just so bad, you know."
"A successful game ever on the globe, successful, what else can you say."
"We celebrate here, we will party during the whole night, we will swill down until tomorrow."
"We win the game very easy, we destroy them today. This is a victory, Germany against Brazil. One can always be proud to be German."
German football federation president Wolfgang Niersbach said it's an "historic day for German football", and he was finding it difficult to find words to explain the victory.
The German team's stunning win put striker Miroslav Klose the Word Cup's highest scorer, moving him beyond the mark of Brazilian legend Ronaldo.
Another German star Thomas Mueller admitted he was also in shock after the "incredible" victory.
And in his hometown in southern Germany, more than 100 residents gathered to watch the game and cheer him on.
"We are relatives. We grew up together. We saw each other a lot before he went to Bayern Munich."
"I believe that Mueller wants to be the world champion and we'll help him achieve his goal."
Tuesday's victory has put the three-time World Cup winners into an eighth World Cup final.

Germany will now meet either the Netherlands or Argentina in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.