Android unveils space robots

Added On July 13, 2014

The IMMOPROM 2014 technology exhibition is underway in Yekaterinburg, Russia. 
The Android Technology Company showed off two of their latest robot models, which are expected to carry out space missions in the future.
SAR-400, Russia's first humanoid robot, is designed to work in the International Space Station later this year, as a companion to NASA's Robonaut.
The robot was developed by the scientific-production Association Android Technology and was made jointly with Roscosmos.
The 144 kg robot can independently perform tasks such as inspections of the station's outer surface. 
It is reported that the robot will also take spacewalk just like human beings.
Another robot of Android's is AR-600E, a general purpose robot that can hold simple conversations on specific topics, move, and detect locations. 
The AR-600 is 140 cm tall, weighs 50kg. It is packed with about 100 tactile sensors. 
It is expected to be used to gather intelligence in emergency situations where sending a human being would be too dangerous.