NYC prepares for hurricane season

Added On August 3, 2014

The Mayor of New York City on Friday kicked off a campaign urging city residents to prepare for the beginning of hurricane season.
August 1st marks the start of the peak hurricane season in the area, therefore the city management have been working to ensure public housing residents are prepared to deal with potential storms.
In an event held in the Brooklyn area, one of the hurricane evacuation zones in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio talked to local residents about the preparedness of natural disasters, warning them of a possible hurricane weather this fall.
He also handed out "Go Bags" the Red Hook community in Brooklyn. The bags include emergency items, such as a three to five day supply of medication, bandages and other necessities.
Joseph Esposito, the city's Commissioner of Emergency Management suggested people to keep the kit at hand, especially during the hurricane season.
SOUNDBITE: JOSEPH ESPOSITO, Emergency Management Commissioner
"The goal of EMC is we should let people know how to act when disasters happen, we don't wanna hear them say, what can I do. This is the matter that come out of today."
The city is also encouraging residents to check whether their home is located in an evacuation zone, and being aware of evacuation routes.