Water puppet theater show in Bulgaria

Added On September 1, 2014

On Friday evening, people in Bulgaria enjoyed the first European water puppet theater performance in the country's capital Sofia.
It is part of Sofia's bid for "European Capital of Culture 2019".
LIFESTYLES takes you there.
The performance, titled "Bird of Paradise", is played by the Bulgarian Small Puppet Theatre SLON.
Moving water fountains, water snake, boatman, a cyclist and a man walking on the water, dance of fish and specially written symphony on the background, are part of the unusual show.
Manager of the theater introduces that the water puppet theater exists only along the Red River in Vietnam and perhaps in some places in China, and this production is the result of his recent research.
SOUNDBITE (Bulgarian): MIROSLAV TSVETANOV, Manager, Small Puppet Theatre SLON
"This performance can be played both outdoors and indoors. We will be very curious to do that where it was born, and find contacts to the Eastern world, because the roots of puppet theater occurred more than 2,000 years exactly in the East, but otherwise we will sell the show worldwide."
Roza Nikolova, director and screenwriter of the play, adds that it is very different compared to the traditional water puppetry.
Unlike the traditional Vietnamese water puppetry, the puppets in the "Bird of Paradise" move not only horizontally but also vertically.
SOUNDBITE (Bulgarian): ROZA NIKOLOVA, Director and screenwriter
"This is a spectacle that is designed in the spirit of European tradition, philosophy and religion. The idea of our show is related to the touched water, self aware water, self-creating, self-destructing water, water walking on water."