Polish designs take to brussels streets

Added On September 17, 2014

Residents and tourists in the Belgian capital of Brussels now have a chance to experience innovative designs from Poland.
Throughout September the design works will be on display in giant boxes placed in different parts of the city.
The selected works of pioneer Polish designers are displayed in six giant boxes made of wood and glass, a unique way to attract passers-by.
The boxes are placed in some of the most popular areas in Brussels, including the square of the European Parliament and tourists spots in the city centre. 
The organizer of the exhibition told CNC that all the items on display show the aesthetics of a new generation of Polish designers, which are simple, clean, well-made but also quite affordable.
"These things have very good material, it is good quality, design is perfect. The prices are not so high. These are small companies, only two or three designers."
She added that Polish designs, compared with those of other European countries, is less known to the global market, and the exhibition is an opportunity for young designers to make a breakthrough. 
"The new generation find these drawings and start to make new things with these ideas. We have a lot of history and I want to show now that this is the continuation of our history with polish design. It is not that we have new things now and nothing is connected with the past."
The exhibition is part of the ongoing Brussels Design September Festival, which features over 100 events aimed at promoting European innovative designs.