Check-in robot at Moscow airport

Added On September 21, 2014

A mobile check-in robot began operating at Moscow Vnukovo International Airport on Friday. 
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The electronic assistant, named "Lenochka", can give directions, help passengers get a boarding pass, and show weather information. Lenochka understands Russian and English.
SOUNDBITE (RUSSIAN): NOVIKOV ANDREY, Director of Business Development at Navirobot
"This robot is equipped with a QR code scanner and thermal printer. Thus, passengers in the relegation zone can scan their QR code and get a boarding pass within 10 seconds. It reduces the queues and improves the quality of service for passengers and adds additional branding elements to the airport."
In addition to performing basic help, the robot can also provide free Wi-Fi and entertain passengers with jokes or poems. 
The robot costs about 30,000 euros (about 38,493 U.S. dollars). Passengers at Moscow's two other airports are also expected to be served by such robot assistants soon.