Added On October 10, 2014

After 50 consecutive years of the National Flower Festival in Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, this year the event attracted various flowers and plants of different types and species.
Let's have a look.
As the most important event in Argentinean floriculture, the 51st National Flower Feast held in Escobar city, 40km from Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Tuesday. 
Tetsuya Hirose, the President of the event organization, and many officials attended the opening ceremony.
SOUNDBITE, (Spanish): TETSUYA HIROSE, President, National Flower Festival
"This National Flower Festival was founded by Mr. Arturo Brosio. We've  held 50 times of the event. And today it's become a large festival of its kind in the country."
With total of 7,000-sqm fairgrounds, producers of each provinces of the country participate in with presenting a variety of flowers and plants of different types and species. 
The most attractive plant is the alstroemeria flower, or 'Lily of the Incas', which is a South American genus that includes about 50 species and many colors.
Meanwhile, industrial and commercial exhibition are also held during the show.
The National Flower Festival will last until Oct. 13.