Li: China Drives Economic Recovery

Added On October 13, 2014

Now, the story on Hamburg Summit in Germany....
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says that China is still an important driving force for world economic recovery, which would also benefit economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe.
At the sixth Hamburg Summit, Li also says there will not be a hard landing for the Chinese economy, adding China has the capability to maintain an economic growth at a fairly rapid speed in the future.
Li said in a keynote speech on Saturday that economic development is not a sprint, but a long-distance run which requires perseverance and stamina.
He notes that China has maintained a stable growth since the beginning of this year despite complicated domestic and international situation.
Li says such performance relies mainly on reform and innovation, calling reform a stimulus for economic development.
Li says the government loosens its control on market regulation and strengthens supervision, in order to create an environment for fair competition in the market, which encourages a new boom of grassroots entrepreneurship and mass innovation.
Li predicts a GDP growth of about 7.5 percent this year, saying China could achieve a growth rate either slightly higher or lower than that figure, as long as it leads to adequate employment, income increase and innovation-driven development.
Furthermore, the premier says China will make its market more accessible to foreign companies, promising to enforce fair business rules and make earnest efforts to protect intellectual property rights.
Li says China is willing to join hands with the EU to set an example for global cooperation.
Li says China supports the EU to play a greater role in international affairs and hopes the EU to continue understanding and supporting China's choice of the development path.
President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz says the EU and China share extensive common interests and are important cooperative partners.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH): MARTIN SCHULZ, President, European Parliament
" This year this Summit celebrates its first decade. Since then China's weight in the world has grown enormously, the then fledgling EU-China Partnership has developed impressively, a whirlwind financial crisis has shown how interdependent we are, and global problems requiring global responses have multiplied. The EU and China need each other today in a more holistic way than was the case ten years ago. We must now make sure that we maintain the commitment - a commitment to work constructively together on an ever wider number of areas." 
Schulz says further developing EU-China relations is a priority of EU's foreign policy, adding the EU is willing to sign an investment agreement with China at an early date, and promote EU-China cooperation in various fields and face challenges jointly with China.
The sixth Hamburg Summit was held on Friday and Saturday in the northern German port city of Hamburg, gathering together more than 600 representatives from China and European countries.
Initiated in 2004, the "China meets Europe" Hamburg Summit now serves as an important platform for discussing China-EU economic cooperation.