Belgium commemorates “Father of the Smurfs”

Added On October 15, 2014

The Smurf remains one of the most well known and popular comic characters in the world even 50 years after their birth. It has also become the mascot of Belgium. 
The ongoing exhibition "Smurf for All, All for Smurf" held in the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels to commemorate the 50 years anniversary of Smurfs and their father, Pierre Culliford. 
The exhibition is taking place in the Belgian Comic Strip Center in downtown Brussels as part of the celebration for the center’s 25th anniversary. 
The most eye-catching part of the exhibition is this giant poster with over 100 portraits of the Smurfs, all with different looks and names. 
The exhibition provides little-known information and documents on the comic strip giant, with some of his original sketches and publications on display. Visitors can also enjoy a highly realistic 3D Smurf village.  
Born in Brussels in 1928, Culliford started his career as a comic strip artist at a very young age with the pen name “Peyo”.
The first Smurf appeared in one of Cuilliford’s comic strips in 1958 on a local newspaper. As it got increasingly popular, the artist started to create a special series featuring the Smurfs.
In the 1980s, the Smurfs were put on television as a cartoon franchise and have since become one of most popular and timeless comic characters in the world.