China pledges 50 mln to fao

Added On October 16, 2014

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says China will donate 50 million U.S. dollars in the next five years to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.
The premier announced the announcement when visiting the FAO headquarters in Rome on Wednesday.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says the fund will be used to promote South-South cooperation. 
He says that as the biggest developing country in the world, China will always be an active force in maintaining food security, and is ready to work with other countries to create a hunger-free and poverty-free world with sustainable development.
He also urges other countries to reduce trade protection, transfer technologies and offer fund to the least-developed countries for developing agriculture, and further increase agricultural production and the level of food security.
FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva has thanked the Chinese government for its additional contribution to South-South cooperation.
He says China is a defender of global food security, a promoter of the world's poverty reduction and a pace-maker of the millennium development goals.