Cleaner Air For APEC Meeting

Added On October 26, 2014

As smog enveloped Beijing, Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli has demanded temporary factory shutdowns and vehicle controls during next month's APEC meeting to ensure cleaner air.
It comes as Beijing extends a yellow alert for severe smog, which is not expected to disperse until Saturday evening.
In about two weeks, Beijing will welcome leaders and elites around the world for the APEC meeting.
But the "priority of priorities" for the Chinese organizers now is - ensuring air quality.
That's what Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli stressed on Friday.
As winter comes and the coal burning season begins in northern China, it would tremendous pressure and challenge to say good-bye to the smog weather during the upcoming APEC meeting.
Zhang says local authorities must ensure that high-polluting enterprises - such as power, construction, steel making, petrochemicals and coking - in Beijing and its neighborhood are suspended or reduced, and construction work halted.
Vehicle controls must be strictly enforced and residents should be encouraged to take public transportation.
The vice premier says emergency measures should be launched in cases of extreme weather, and the illegal discharge of pollutants must be dealt with resolutely.