China on Iran Nuclear Talks

Added On November 27, 2014

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that progress made in the Iran nuclear talks has laid a solid foundation for reaching a final deal, and China is optimistic about the prospect of the negotiations.
Wang made the remarks after negotiators from Iran and six world powers, the United States, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany, concluded days of intensive talks in the Austrian capital. 
The parties have agreed to extend negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue by seven months after days of intensive talks have failed to produce a comprehensive deal.
Wang said foreign ministers from Iran and six world powers agreed that important progress has been achieved so far in nuclear negotiations.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE)WANG YI, Chinese Foreign Minister
"The Iranian nuclear issue is very  complicated, and detailed calculations by experts are required as the issue involves many technical details. A lot of concrete work still needs to be done as a support even if political agreement has been reached."
Noting that no concrete deal is sealed during this round of talks due to limited time, Wang said all sides have expressed willingness to maintain the current momentum and continue with the talks, so as to reach a mutually-acceptable, comprehensive deal within the next few months.
As an important negotiating party, Wang said China holds a fair and objective stance in the nuclear negotiations and has played a constructive role by bringing suggestions to the talks, including ideas presented Monday for resolving the remaining major problems.