EU to offer multi-million-euro loan to Ukraine: Commissioner

Added On November 29, 2014

KIEV, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- Visiting European Union (EU) Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement, Johannes Hahn, said here on Friday that the EU will offer a new multi-million-euro loan to Ukraine next month.

"The EU in December will give Ukraine 500 million euros (about 622 million U.S. dollars)," Hahn said during a meeting with Ukrainian businessmen.

He explained that the loan will be allocated as a part of the EU' macro-financial assistance program, designed to help Ukraine to stabilize its economy and implement reforms.

Besides, the 28-member block also decided to support Ukraine with about 68.66 million U.S. dollars to help the country deal with decentralization and regional policy reforms, Hahn added.

The EU has already provided Ukraine with over one billion dollars earlier this year under several financial assistance programs in order to help the crisis-ridden country's crumpling economy.

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