Elon musk's big dream

Added On December 7, 2014

Tesla, PayPal, Space X and SolarCity, all these big names link to one man - Elon Musk.
Being as one of the most successful men in science and technology industry, Elon Musk does not only focus on Tesla Motors, but the space, too.
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"People say that Elon Musk is another Steve Jobs, because both of them represent a successful life in Silicon Vally. They both have the dream to chance the human history and they both have the passion and ability to achieve their goals."
Born in 1971, Elon Musk is one of the most successful men in science and technology industry. 
He is recently best known as the CEO and chief product architect of Tesla Motors. 
As the first car company use lithium-ion battery packs in electric vehicles, Tesla has become the fast energy saving car on the road.
Compare with other electric cars, the biggest advantage for Tesla is its battery technology. 
The Roadster came out with a 250 miles range and a fully charged Tesla Model S can go 300 miles. 
However, charging is still a big concern when people buying an electric car. To solve the problem, Tesla is building super charge station worldwide, Tesla Superchargers provide half a charge in as little as 20 minutes. 
But, most of the time, 20 minutes is still a relative long charging time. So now, Tesla comes out a new battery swap charging, which only takes 90 seconds to fully charge a Model S.
"When you come the Tesla station, it should not really be called the super charging station, just called the Teslas station. You have the choice of the super charger, which will always be free, or you have the choice of battery pack swap, which is faster than you can fill a gas tank, so the only decision you need to make when you come to one of our Tesla station is do you prefer faster or free."
Other than inventing the revolutionary energy-saving car, Musk has a bigger dream.
He launched the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft marked first commercial company to launch and dock a vehicle to the International Space Station. 
Since May 2012, when the SpaceX Dragon vehicle docked with the International Space Station (ISS), Musk has extended his career blueprint into the space. 
He said that he will send human to Mars by 2026, which is about 10 years earlier than NASA's landing Mars plan, and he wants to retire on Mars.

"Science and technology are bringing us surprises and changes everyday, just like Musk's Mars mission, maybe someday in the future, we can actually go to Mars for a vacation."