Chinese firms shine at tech show

Added On January 10, 2015

Chinese firms have shown off their cutting-edge products at the ongoing 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 
The event is one of the world's biggest trade fairs devoted to technology.
At the crowded drone section half of the 14 exhibitors are from China.
Drones are just one of the areas in which Chinese companies are leading at this year's show.
Smartphones designed and produced by Chinese companies are also gaining attention.
The Xiaomi Mi5 and Huawei Mate7 are strong competitors to Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Apple's iPhone 6 and 6+ in the competitive smartphone market.
Huawei, one of the top Chinese hi-tech brands, exhibited over 100 products at show.
Huawei's showed off its flagship smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, mobile access devices, home access devices, smart home devices and vehicle-mounted modules.
Another Chinese manufacturer ZTE has launched a Smartphone with wide-angle camera, at 199 U.S. dollars.