EU-Arab to strengthen cooperation

Added On January 21, 2015

The Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil El-Araby,  visited the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday. His meeting with EU lawmakers focussed on how the two sides can work together to combat the threat of terrorism. 

El-Araby reaffirmed that the Arab League is willing to further cooperate with the EU on several aspects including exchange intelligence information. He also spoke of progress made in anti-terror missions in countries such as Syria and Egypt.
Nabil El-araby, the Secretary General of Arab League.
“We are suffering also from that (those attacks), just happens that you are also feeling it now. Regrettably it (the phenomenon) has crossed the Mediterranean and came to you. We all have to cooperate, exchange intelligence information, to do whatever is needed by experts.”
El-Araby also suggested that every country should be wary of the threat of extremism. 
The Secretary General also joined EU foreign ministers to discuss topics such as anti-terrorism and signed a memorandum of understanding on further cooperation with the EU.