Singapore's bird park unveils new aviary

Added On January 23, 2015

Singapore's Jurong Bird Park opened its new aviary  "Wings of Asia" this week.

It houses a collection of over 500 birds representing 135 species.
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The 2,600 square-meter "Wings of Asia" aviary is the new home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of Asian birds.
24 threatened species such as the Bali mynah, the Luzon bleeding-heart dove and the black-winged starling are included. Among which, five were displayed for the first time in the park.
These species have been successfully hatched and raised as part of the park's ongoing conservative breeding programs. The park also plans to start a breeding program for birds whose numbers are declining rapidly due to habitat loss and degradation as well as excessive trapping for the caged-bird trade. 
As Asia's largest bird park, Jurong hopes to maintain a sustainable population of these birds and eventually introduce them back in the wild.