WMS Global Awards for Excellence

Added On January 27, 2015

The First World Media Summit Global Awards for Excellence have concluded in Beijing Tuesday.
The prize-winners from relevant media organizations have attended the ceremony, including representatives and journalists of foreign media and representatives of UN institutions based in Beijing.
Cai Mingzhao, President of Xinhua News Agency, addressed the Award Ceremony where he wished for it to be fruitful for the whole media field on China's Laba festival day.
The Al Jazeera English programme 101 East received the public welfare  accolade for Exemplary News Teams in Developing Countries; and Sainath Palagummi from the India-based newspaper The Hindu won the Award for Exemplary News Professionals in Developing Countries.
The World Media Summit Global Awards have garnered extensive support from many media organizations.
The judging committee has received 1424 entries submitted by over 450 news organizations and more than 500 news practitioners from 138 countries and regions in total, 304 of which have entered into the on-site judging process. 
Among the 36 finalists recommended by the nominating panels, the board of judges have selected 4 winners and 19 honorable mentions. 
The award-winning works have diversified themes and extensive vision, from regional conflict and environmental pollution to social security and domestic violence, from developed cities to impoverished villages.
The awards are the first comprehensive global news awards covering multiple media formats. It aims to encourage all people working in the media sector to keep honing their professional skills and pursue excellence, while inspiring media setups to work with the times in the spirits of innovation, and to actively carry out social responsibilities and the mission of public welfare.